Class Overview

The Young 5s program is like “the icing on the cake”. It provides the child with more opportunities to grow at his/her own individual pace and builds the child’s confidence for future learning. In Young 5s, the skills listed on our curriculum page are further developed. The important skill needed in kindergarten of working independently is also introduced and practiced. Parents have a choice between 3 or 5 half days for their child. In the 5 day class, we have the additional opportunity for a special music class, a gym class, more STEM activities,(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) more consistent kindergarten readiness activities, and directed and free play.

2024-2025 school year~
5s A.M. MWF 9:00-11:45. 5 by Jan. 31, 2025. This class is full. A waiting list is being taken.
5s P.M. MWF 12:15-3:00 OPENINGS AVAILABLE Extended age cut off. 5 by May 31, 2025
5s 5 day option: T Th 9:00-11:45 a.m. along with one of the 3 day classes. 5 by May 31, 2025
Parents are required to work in the classroom 3 times throughout the school year unless the lesser co-op option is chosen.

What our day looks like

  • Large group time ~ Puppets that help us learn about science and social skills, calendar, music, singing and movement.
  • Special Bible time with object lessons and Bible stories
  • Whole group story time
  • Whole group snack time when manners and social skills are encouraged
  • Free play

A large portion of our day is spent in 3 small groups that rotate:

  • Art, physical activities in the gym, hands on science
  • Independent tray activities and games that reinforce what we are learning (Play based, Montessori type learning)
  • Kindergarten readiness activities (Letters and sounds using letter puppets, math skills with manipulatives, Handwriting without Tears, fine motor skills)

Highlights of our Young 5s program

  • Fun, engaging themes that provide hands on learning
  • Making friends and learning to work and play together
  • Field trips
  • Star of the Week
  • Taking our bear mascot home for a weekend
  • Special theme days
  • Father’s Night
  • Holiday program
  • A “school day” at the teacher’s house
  • Graduation program and picnic