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What The Parents Say:

“Our son has attended Westwood Christian Preschool for the last two years. During that time we have been blown away by the incredible quality of both of his teachers at the school. They are patient, loving, adaptable, and hardworking. The 5 day program has taken our son to the next level preparing him for the coming years. The material he shares with us at home never ceases to amaze us. We have two younger children that will be attending Westwood in the next few years and we are excited for them to have the same great Christian education that our oldest child has.” Eric and Kelly Dougal

“Our daughter has learned and grown so much with Westwood’s Young 5s (3 day) program. We couldn’t be more happy with our experience. Mrs. Pennings has such a love for the Lord and her students. Highly recommend!” Tyler and Beth Ogden

“Mrs. Edds was so influential in our son’s life this year in the 4s class. At the beginning of the year, we were uneasy about putting him in school, but the teacher made that transition very nice and pleasant. Our son loves Mrs. Edds and we are so happy that our daughter will get to have her as a teacher as well.” Steve and Stella Schwartz

“We are extremely grateful for the time our son has spent in Westwood Christian Preschool. As part of the Young 5s (5 day) program we have witnessed him flourish academically, socially as well as spiritually. Ms. Pennings is dynamic in her ability to create a loving and engaging classroom environment–offering opportunities that embrace the “whole child”. This year has far exceeded all our expectations and we are forever grateful as parents!” Kristin Covault

“Our daughter has spent two years at WCCP and she loved it! Both the teachers care so much about each child. They make preschool so much fun and teach the children the social skills and academic building blocks they will carry with them all throughout their years in school. This past year our daughter was in the 5 day a week Young 5s class, and she loved the structure and routine of the extra time at school! We really think it will help her adjust to the daily schedule of kindergarten. We’re all going to miss preschool! It was such a valuable and nurturing beginning to her school years!” Julia Librizzi

“Our son has benefited both socially and academically so much from being in the 5 day Young 5s program. He is beyond ready for kindergarten and really loved the knowledge and friendships forged in his “small class”. We would highly recommend the 5 day Young 5s program with Mrs. Pennings!” Erin and Rand Arwady

“Our daughter was in the 4s class with Mrs. Edds. We couldn’t imagine a better teacher for her! She loved school!” Shawn and Ericka Camburn

“I cannot say enough about Westwood Christian Preschool. Both of my boys have thoroughly loved their experience there and they have grown in more ways than one each year they have attended. The Young 5s five day program has exceeded my expectations and I feel has more than prepared my son for kindergarten next year. Both Mrs. Edds and Mrs. Pennings are truly wonderful as they not only teach, but they teach from the heart as they genuinely care for each and everyone of their students. They have been such a blessing in both of my boys’ lives and also in mine as a mom. Westwood Christian Preschool is wonderful all around and I highly recommend it!” Claire Ralph

“Every time I have the opportunity to be the parent helper in Mrs. Pennings’ classroom, I am thoroughly impressed with her teaching style, classroom organization, patience, compassion, and expertise at connecting with the kids. She creates a learning environment that is fun and incorporates social skills, physical activity, play, and education while teaching strong morals and values. Also, the memory book she puts together of the kids’ school work throughout the year is AMAZING!” Kari Vesey

“In so many ways, my son’s 5 day a week experience has been everything I could have hoped for! He has made new friends, been challenged academically, and had countless enriching experiences. The 5 day a week program provided consistency of learning. After his learning experience this year, it just “feels right” that he would transition to full day kindergarten. Mrs. Pennings is simply incredible. She smiles EVERY day when my son runs in the door. She plays the guitar, sings songs with the kids, brings out puppets, and spends hours preparing for every day in the classroom. She looks for the best in every child and seeks to help each student reach his full potential.” Kate Mehne

“I’ve never seen any teachers pour so much of Christ’s love into my children. I’m so grateful for the knowledge they’ve given to my children and the start to their life they’ve provided.” Kelly Miller

“We have been blessed by sending both of our girls to Westwood. We saw them grow socially, spiritually, in character, and in conjunction with our homeschooling, educationally. Ms. Penning and her helpers were an encouragement and a blessing that both girls felt loved and cared for. We saw great benefit from our girls going through Westwood Christian Co-op Preschool that impacted how they continued their educational path through homeschooling and other co-ops.” Laura Studabaker

“We love the Christian foundation that Westwood Preschool cultivates in our children. The teachers truly cherish each of their students, treating them as uniquely beloved children of God. Westwood has become like an extension of our family.” Lisa Ebenhoeh

“We are so grateful to have found Westwood Christian Co-Op Preschool through friends and neighbors. Mrs. Edds and Mrs. Pennings have been such a bright light in our lives; they are endlessly loving, patient, engaging, and devoted to nurturing each child’s intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. I am blown away by the academic content, fun activities, physical movement, theme days, creative play, field trips, crafts, and overall exploration of God’s world. The classroom here is a loving and accepting space of growth, friendship, and learning. Our oldest daughter has flourished in ways that are so impactful to her early development and we are so excited for our younger two to attend as well. This is more than a preschool, it is a community, and we feel so blessed to be a part of it.” Leah Pierce

“Westwood Christian Co-op is a wonderful preschool! My child attended for three years and we cannot say enough great stuff about this school. We loved being a part of her early education and getting involved with the classroom is such a blessing!” Kelly Rose

“We could not be happier with our 3 children’s preschool experiences. The teachers are the backbone of this program. They love and root for each one of their students.” Alisha Krolik

“Westwood Christian Co-op Preschool has been our preschool for the past six years (and counting!) and we treasure the teachers and staff. The teachers are kind, dedicated, and share the love of Christ in all they do for their students. Our children have gained confidence academically, socially, and spiritually while attending preschool and have made many friends along the way. The community of parents is welcoming and shares the desire to help our children learn and grow and love their surrounding community! Our experience with Westwood Co-Op has more than prepared our children to succeed as they go off to elementary school.” Andrea Gooch