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Spiritual Development is enhanced through sharing Bible stories, exploring God’s world, songs and prayer.

Social/Emotional skills such as helping, cooperating, negotiating, and problem solving are developed. Free and directed playtime.

Readiness Activities help develop the following skills: recognition of colors and shapes; sorting and patterning; introduction to letters, numbers, and counting.

Physical Development occurs through activities with balls, bean bags, balance beam, parachute, and scoot boards. Small motor skills are enhanced through pegboards, puzzles, sewing, painting, cutting, and various learning games.

Creativity is encouraged through music, art, and drama. Some activities include: block building, playdough, dramatic play, story telling and acting, drawing, puppetry, and creative movement.

God’s World is explored through science and social studies units and field trips. Observing, classifying, and graphing skills are introduced.